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Mathcad 15 for Windows (includes both version 15 and free upgrade to new Prime version 3) student version

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Includes both version 15 and a free upgrade to new Prime version 3.
Please note that box shipped will be the Prime version 3.0 and version 15 is included on the disk.
Create and Document Critical Engineering Calculations

Mathcad enables over 250,000 professionals worldwide to perform, document, manage and share calculation and design work. Mathcad’s easy-to-use whiteboard interface combines live, natural mathematical notation, text and graphs into a single worksheet–making Mathcad ideal for knowledge capture, calculation, sharing and reuse. Mathcad lets individuals work with update-able, interactive designs, so users can capture the critical methods and values behind each of their engineering projects.

Mathcad’s XML architecture enables organizations to go beyond powerful calculation. It delivers an open-engineering data model, enabling publishing, collaboration and integration, especially when deployed as an organizational standard. As engineers work, Mathcad automatically creates an auditable trail of documented calculations, thus simplifying compliance, reporting, verification and troubleshooting.

These capabilities have made Mathcad the world’s most widely used engineering calculation tool.

How Mathcad Works

Mathcad lets you type equations just as you would write them on a blackboard or in a reference book. There is no difficult syntax to learn; you simply type in your equations and then see the results. You can use Mathcad equations to solve just about any math problem you can think of, symbolically or numerically. You can place text anywhere on the worksheet to document your work.

Mathcad lets you easily set your preferred unit system and freely mix units of measure, ultimately maintaining dimensional integrity and preventing unit mistakes. You can work in your preferred unit system, or switch to another system for a particular set of equations.

Mathcad simplifies and streamlines documentation, critical to commu- nicating and meeting business and quality assurance standards. By combining equations, text and graphics in a single worksheet, Mathcad makes it easy to keep track of the most complex calculations. And, when used in conjunction with PTC’s Windchill®, engineering calculations can be easily managed, standardized and shared across the organization.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Design of Experiments (DoE) - Reduce the time and expense of conducting experiments through DoE by understanding the variable interactions that will influence the experiment. DoE he identify critical factors and optimal settings for a complex proce It provides templates for fewer, yet more intelligent experiment which are indispensable when having multiple variables and levels.
  • Direct access to trusted Roark's and Hick's reference works on Mathcad worksheets by Knovel®
  • Direct access to Truenumbers enables you to communicate valu across applications, without loss of quantity or unit integrity
  • Calculate, model and visualize your technical ideas while reducing errors
  • Update interactive designs for instant results
  • Document your calculations using unit-aware math notation
  • Graph and plot your work instantly with built-in 2D and 3D graphing tools
  • Verify, visualize and annotate your solutions for all engineering disciplines
  • Integrate your data across applications and systems
  • Publish your results using a wide variety of output formats
  • Reduce errors in your work with automatic unit checking
  • Set your own default unit system and create your own units
  • Automate your operations with templates and style sheets
  • Import and export data easily
  • Integrate with Pro/ENGINEER® to realize unique predictive engineering capabilities
  • Integrate with Windchill PDMLink® and Windchill ProductPoint® to quickly and securely share and access knowledge contained in Mathcad worksheets

Computational Capabilities

  • Over 25 new DoE functions can be used for constructing experimental design matrices, developing statistical models, and performing Monte Carlo simulations.
  • High-end numerics: Perform summations, products, derivatives, integrals and Boolean operations; apply trigonometric, exponential, hyperbolic and other functions and transforms.
  • Live symbolics: Simplify, differentiate, integrate and transform expressions algebraically. Mathcad’s patented live symbolics tech- nology automatically recalculates algebraic solutions and allows you to use them in subsequent calculations.
  • Vector and matrix handling: Manipulate vectors and arrays, and perform various linear algebra operations, such as finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
  • Statistics and data analysis: Generate random numbers, calculate histograms, fit data to built-in and general functions, interpolate data, and build probability distribution models.
  • Differential equation solving: Solve linear and non-linear systems of equations and boundary value problems; use solve blocks and natural notation to specify sets of constraints.
  • Units support: Include units in calculations, perform unit conversions, and automatically check dimensions. Add domain-specific units. Convert results to any unit system or custom values. Currency units effectively document engineering cost and economic evaluations.

What's New:

This release is geared towards helping customers solve their most pressing engineering calculation needs and improve the documentation of calculations throughout the product development process.

  • Design of Experiments (DoE)

Design of Experiments (DoE) provides over 25 new functions to reduce the time and expense of conducting experiments thru DoE by understanding the variable interactions that will influence the experiment. DoE helps you identify critical factors and optimal settings for your complex process. It provides templates for a fewer number yet more intelligent experiments which are indispensable when you have multiple variables and levels.

  • Knovel Math Content

Quickly access the full list of Knovel’s fully documented Mathcad worksheets from trusted Roark’s and Hick’s reference works, reducing the time it takes to solve your complex math problems.

  • TrueNumbers Integration

Truenumbers enables the ability to easily communicate values across applications and the organization without loss of quantity or unit integrity. Results and values can be moved outside of Mathcad onto different document types – enabling easy sharing of the data.

  • Excel 2007 support

Leverage the following functions and features with Excel 2007: READEXCEL(), WRITEEXCEL(), READFILE, the data import wizard, and the Excel Add-in

  • Windows 7 Support

Support for Microsoft Windows 7 platform

System Requirements:

Client Hardware Requirements * Pentium®/Celeron® processor, 400 MHz or higher; 700+ MHz recommended * 256 MB of RAM; 512 MB or more recommended * 550 MB of hard disk space (250 MB for Mathcad, 100 MB for prerequisites, 200 MB temporary space during installation) * CD-ROM or DVD drive (for CD installation only) * SVGA or higher graphics card and monitor * Mouse or compatible pointing device

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