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IBM SPSS Modeler Premium v16 GradPack Windows only DOWNLOAD

Commercial Price: $2,300.00
Price: $99.99
You Save: $2,200.01 (96 %)
Item Number: 44W5808-DCM
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Available for Windows only.

 You may install the software on up to two (2) computers. License is good for 12 months. 

IBM SPSS Modeler Premium v16 GradPack

 is a high performance predictive and text analytic software took that gives you never seen before insight into your data. 

IBM SPSS Modeler Premium

 helps you build predictive models quickly without having to program.


With IBM SPSS Modeler Premium you get all of the data mining features included with SPSS Modeler Professional, and much more! IBM SPSS Modeler Premium offers a sophisticated text analytics that enables you to unlock concepts trapped in unstructured data. Then combine the structured and unstructured data to improve model accuracy. Entity analytics allows students to combine diverse data sources and resolve like entities even when the entities do not share any key values. Social network analysis helps students discover relationships among social entities and the implications of their behavior.

IBM SPSS Modeler Premium v16 Key Features:


Data preparation:

  • Use entity analytics to combine or separate records resulting in cleaner data for modeling
  • Identify who are the groups in the data and who considered the leaders of them with Group analysis
  • Utilize churn information to determine who else is likely to be influenced by the churner to also churn with Diffusion analysis


Text link analysis:

  • Identify and extract sentiments (for example, likes and dislikes) from text in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish
  • Identify links and associations between, for example, people and events or diseases and genes
  • Identify and extract content from URLs within blogs
  • Include opinions, semantic relationships and linked events in deployable predictive models
  • Reveal complex relationships through interactive graphs that show multiple semantic links between two concepts


Text-specific understanding and preparation:

  • Extract text data from files, operational databases and RSS feeds (i.e., blogs, web feeds)
  • Select native language extractor options for Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish or Japanese or translate virtually any language using third-party translation software
  • Extract domain-specific concepts such as uniterms, expressions, abbreviations, acronyms and more
  • Calculate synonyms using sophisticated linguistic algorithms and embedded or user-specified linguistic resources
  • Name concepts by person, organization, term, product, location and other user- defined types
  • Extract non-linguistic entities such as address, currency, time, phone number and Social Security number
  • Use and customize pre-built templates and libraries for sentiment analysis, CRM, security and intelligence, market intelligence, life sciences and IT
  • Leverage pre-packaged Text Analytics Packages (TAPs) for the most common business applications, or create your own
  • Create clusters based on term co-occurrence using concept clustering algorithms, which provide an at-a-glance view of main topics and the way in which they are related
  • Intelligently group text documents and records based on content, using text classification algorithms
  • Enable advanced concept selection and deselection for use in predictive modeling
  • Use text-based and visual reports to interrogate concept relationship, occurrence, frequency and type
What’s new in SPSS Modeler 16?

SPSS shares three key highlights of this new release.
1. Broader Analytics
With new techniques including decision management, simulation, optimization, and more, Modeler 16 provides the latest in analytic capabilities. A main highlight of the new release is the addition of two new R nodes: R Process and R Output. The R Output can be used to perform data analysis and summarize results while the R Process Node lets you take data from an SPSS Modeler stream and apply transformations. Plus, you can look forward to the Custom Dialog Builder for R which lets you create custom Model Build/Apply, process, and Output node types.
2. Faster Analytics
Analysis is much faster than before with new scoring adapters and support for SQL optimization. Looping and conditional execution has been added to Modeler 16 while the scripting language has been replaced with Python which offers a concise syntax, error handling, language support, and powerful add-on modules.
3. Flexible Deployment
Modeler 16’s open architecture supports a number of platforms and languages while offering improved integration with IBM products (such as within SPSS Analytic Server), and integration with Cognos® TM1® from Modeler.
    • Please Note:

      • Technical support is limited to installation questions only, many support questions can be answered on the SPSS Support website: SPSS Support
      • The SPSS Statistics GradPack allows for one user to install the software up to two times
      • This software includes a 12 month license.  

      System Requirements:

      License Term: 12 months


      Operating system:  Microsoft Windows XP (Professional, 32-bit) or Vista® (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit) or Windows 8

      Intel® or AMD x86 processor running at 1GHz or higher 
      Memory: 1GB RAM or more recommended 
      Minimum free drive space: 800MB*** 
      DVD drive
      Super VGA (800x600) or higher-resolution monitor 
      Web browser: Internet Explorer 7 or 8

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