Mac error Attempt to connect to a remote server failed

When I start SPSS, I get the message “Attempt to connect to a remote server failed inet: Local Computer:0” Followed by the “Server Login: Local Computer” dialog window?


# This error appears when there is a problem with the SPSS “Front end” interface communicating with the SPSS Statistics Engine. It is usually due to one of the following three causes:
#1. Perhaps you are using an old incompatible version of Mac OSX (eg 10.6.8). This can be confirmed go clicking on the Apple icon in the top left of the screen and choosing ‘About this Mac’. On the following screen, check the OSX version.

If it is unsupported (lower than 10.13 for SPSS 27 or lower than 10.10 for SPSS 26) then you will need to update your version of OSX by going to

#2. Perhaps your firewall or Anti-virus software is blocking the SPSS front end from communicating with the engine. This isn’t usually a problem with Norton or Microsoft Firewall. It can happen with programs such as Zone Alarm. Please make an exception for SPSS in the firewall. If this does not work, please temporarily disable or uninstall ZoneAlarm to test if SPSS works when it is disabled. If so, you will need to keep ZoneAlarm disabled/uninstalled or contact the vendor for assistance.
#3. Perhaps your group policy or security restrictions are preventing SPSS from functioning properly. To test this, please try creating a new local (non-group) user account on the machine and installing SPSS to the local account. If SPSS works, you need to contact their network administrator for assistance.