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What is Software Replacement Assurance?

Software Replacement Assurance (SRA) allows you to reinstall your software whenever needed, even if you no longer have the original installation media.

Imagine that final exams are approaching and your computer crashes. You restore your system, but the original media for your additional purchased software is lost or damaged, or your download instructions are gone. What do you do now?

Get some peace of mind with Software Replacement Assurance. If you purchase SRA, we will keep a backup of your CD Media or Download access for two (2) years.

Depending on the product you purchased, you will either get a physical copy of the software or receive it as an electronic download. Either version will come with your unique Product Key.  If you received a downloaded version of the software, we will keep the Key on file for two (2) years. If your computer is damaged, lost, or stolen and you need a copy of the program again, we can get a new copy to you almost immediately. For an electronic download, we can send you another download installation that same day. Either way, you can simply use your existing Product Key to reinstall your missing software.
IF YOU ORDERED A PHYSICALLY SHIPPED VERSION,  we will NOT keep a copy of your Product Key on file as we cannot open the box to retrieve it.  However, we will be able to send you a copy of the program itself by download link or by disk.
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